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3D Printing

Filament Inventory & Price Sheet

The last column in each row of this table (Grams/$) tells you how many grams of filament you can print for $1.00. Once you submit your file, we will open it in the software (called the "slicer") that prepares and sends the project to the 3D printer. The slicer will tell us exactly the amount of filament that the project will use. We divide that amount by the Grams/$ number and then round up to the next dollar to determine the cost for you.

Example: you submit an articulated dragon design for printing. The slicer determines that this project requires 68 grams of filament to print. You have selected a filament from the spreadsheet that has a value of 27 in the Grams/$ cell. 68 divided by 27 is 2.518... We round 2.5 up to three, and the project costs $3.