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Installing Zotero

Please note for this install and screenshots, I started with Chrome as my browser.

You will also need to create a free Zotero account. You can use your personal email or your MHU email.

Go to and look for the download button. zotero homepage with download button in center of the page
Make sure you are downloading the most recent Zotero. As of April 2022, Zotero 6 is the most recent. The Zotero Chrome Connector can be installed here as well. Download page for Zotero with 2 options the software and the Chrome plug-in
After clicking the download button, look towards the bottom of your screen to see the zotero.exe file downloading. After clicking the download button, look towards the bottom of your screen for the zotero.exe file
It may take a few minutes to download. Image showing zotero progress bar
Follow the instructions on the Zotero Setup wizard. downloaded zotero wizard image asking to make changes to your computer
Select the standard setup. Zotero set up wizard requesting standard or custom setup
This is a notification where Zotero will be installed. Click "Install" to continue. zotero will be installed in the following location
Be patient. progress bar showing installation
Click "Finish" to complete the installation and launch Zotero. completion of the set up wizard. click finish to finish and launch Zotero.
Install the Chrome Connector for Zotero.  If you prefer not to use Chrome, other connectors are available. Image requesting that you now install the Chrome connector
A new Chrome window will open and you can add the Zotero Connector to your Chrome Browser. A new Chrome window opens where you can install the Chrome connector.
Tell Chrome that you really do want to add the Zotero Connector. Image asking to confirm the chrome connector.
Zotero appears in your chrome toolbar. If you don't see it, look for the puzzle piece.puzzle piece grey Click that and select "Pin to toolbar." Zotero will appear in your Chrome toolbar