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CASA Celebration

Dr. Ann M. Peiffer


"White matter is the predilection site of late-delayed radiation-induced brain injury in non-human primates."
Article in Radiation Research, Mar. 2019.

Dr. Peiffer says: Understanding how cognition is impacted by brain irradiation will allow for drug targets to be developed to protect it. White matter due to its lack of blood supply relative to grey matter is at risk following irradiation and when damaged contributes to the decline in cognitive ability.


Also published in 2019:

"Safety of pioglitazone during and after radiation therapy in patients with brain tumors: a phase I clinical trial."
Article in Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, 2019.

Dr. Peiffer says: Early work on protecting cognition requires safety of the drugs proposed to be tested. Testing assesses the degree of severe side effects and any impact on treatment the added drug may have. Results indicated that the theraputic dose needed for treatment in future trials was safe and did not impact treatment.