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CASA Celebration

Dr. Nicole Soper Gorden


"When Ravens Ate The Moon" published in Darkness and Moonlight:  A Worldsmyths Anthology 

"When the Raven Ate the Moons" is a short story in the fantasy genre.  After a giant raven spirit eats the world's three moons, a thief is hired to steal from the local moon temple.


"Into the Breaking Season" published in Seasons Unceasing:  A Worldsmyths Anthology

"Into the Breaking Season" is a short story in the science fiction genre.  A colonist from Earth must hike alone and on foot to the nearest transit station during one of Tyche's breaking seasons, a very dangerous time to be outside.


"The Silver King and the Jade Egg"  in Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairy Tales which was published by WordFire Press LLC.

"The Silver King and the Jade Egg" is a short, dark, feminist fairytale.  The newest wife to join the Silver King's harem must navigate a world of magic axes, fractured mirrors, and women trying to keep themselves together (both literally and figuratively).