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CASA Celebration

Dr. Jessica Van Cleave


"Becoming Meddler."
Article in English Education, Oct. 2019.

Dr. Van Cleave says: In this piece, I draw on Erica McWilliam’s model of Meddler in the Middle to disrupt familiar notions of teaching to foreground twenty-first-century skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. I explore possibilities for meddling in the context of high school English classrooms and teacher education courses through my teaching experiences and contemplate how the Meddler might function in our current standards-based environment.


Also published in 2019:

"Empowering students and teahers through formative assessment: a growth mindset model."
Chapter in Handbook of Research on Formative Assessment in Pre-K Through Elementary Classrooms : IGI Global, 2019.

Dr. Van Cleave says: In this chapter, the authors provide a formative assessment model geared toward supporting what Carol Dweck called growth-mindset and describe the results of an action research study in which they collaborated with public school teachers to put the model to work with high-achieving, second grade students in the context of small reading groups.